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Triple Net Lease Properties for 1031 Exchange



Experience highly profitable  NNN Properties for your 1033 or 1031 exchange and maximize cash flow 


"Triple Net Lease Properties", also known as “NNN Properties”, are considered to be one of the safest, and most solid types of investments in the world for commercial real estate investors and specially 1033 and 1031 exchange  buyers. NNN Investments typically provide higher rate of returns than bonds and require less work. NNN Properties include properties that are leased for a long term to high credit tenants, such as Drug Stores, Grocery Stores, Fast Food Restaurants, Banks, Auto Parts, Dollar Stores, Big Box Retail Stores and many more. In Triple Net lease or NNN lease, tenant is responsible for property taxes, property insurance and all maintenance costs associated with the property and thereby reliving the owner of any of this hassle. Large corporations, private entities and investors find such investments quite lucrative, due to its highly profitable character and economical benefits. 


In general, most investors prefer single tenant NNN Properties more than multi-tenant shopping centers. The tenant that occupies a “free standing, single tenant NNN Property” assumes responsibility of all maintenance expenses such as: roofing, structure, parking lot, snow removal, landscaping, ect. In addition, the tenant is also responsible for asset maintenance, insurance and taxes. Single tenant retail properties, are also backed by high credit rating companies which is why most people invest in Triple Net Properties. NNN properties are ideal options if you are looking for stable investment with steady and predictable returns over time.  


NNN Properties can be exchanged with other like kind properties. A “1031 exchange” is an effective strategy of selling properties without paying capital gain tax. At time of sale, nnn lease properties can also provide the benefit of capital gain tax deferment when utilizing 1031 or 1033 exchange. This process is a legitimate method within State and Federal tax regulations, which allows taxpayers to have the benefits of postponing their taxes to pay at a later date. Through “1031 tax deferred exchange”, an investor can avoid tax liability, and therefore be free to invest in larger size properties. By doing this, one maximizes cash on cash return and internal rate of return, or even has the opportunity to just invest in higher rating, NNN Properties.


Triple Net Investment Groupis a net lease investment firm and specializes in the sale “Triple Net Leased Properties” and “1031 Exchange” solutions. Triple Net Investment Group is one of the only firms that focuses not only on net lease investments ,but also specific specializations within net lease market. From Pharmacy, restaurants, banks, auto parts to dollar stores and more. We offer clients, Commercial Real Estate Investment consultation, acquisition and disposition of Triple Net Investment Properties, in the entire State of Maryland, Washington DC., Virginia and many other regions in the United States. Triple Net Investment group assists clients with unbeatable experience and skills, in order to make affirmative and profitable Real Estate decisions. Triple Net Investment Group has closed millions of triple net lease properties and has built an extensive network of clientele. We work with both buyers and sellers from all around the world. We offer sellers best possible pricing and the buyers access to all opportunities available in the market. Our niche market is triple net lease properties  allows us to have a better understanding of our client's unique needs and we can help clients deal with potential challenges that may occur during the transaction.



What is exactly a 1031 Exchange and it can benefit you?


The desire to avert or defer the payment of taxes incurred on the capital gains on property disposition is universal. While you cannot prevent paying your taxes, at least you can defer it, and this is what the delayed version of 1031 exchange of properties is all about. If you are still unaware of this 1031 exchange process, it is a property law in the United States Internal Revenue Code under Section 1031. It permits taxpayers to delay the capital gain, while they dispose off a property for investment, trade, or business purpose. The property under discussion could be anything, such as a vehicle, the trading of a player in a ball team, or a real estate deal. Talking about the latter, 1031 exchange real estate and 1031 exchange commercial real estate are the common ones among the 1031 exchange properties.  



Types of 1031 exchange in brief 


The section 1031 related to exchange of properties has been divided into various types, which include: 


·        Simultaneousexchange : Permits the sale of relinquished property and the purchase of replacement property, simultaneously.

·        Delayed exchange:  Non-simultaneous 1031 exchange of properties, which allows the entire property transaction to complete in 180 days.

·        Improvement exchange : Lets the trader to improve the replacement property through the proceeds obtained by selling the relinquished property.

·        Personalproperty exchange : Allows the trader to exchange personal property, which is further classified into depreciable property and non-depreciable property.

·        Reverseexchange : It enables the trader to buy replacement property before disposing off the initial property. The reason could be varied, such as for the maintenance work of replacement property, etc.



Why invest in NNN Lease Properties?


  • Long-term leasing duration with great fiscal benefits to investors 
  • Benefit of 1031 Exchange Tax rule, with advantage of effective and salutary tax benefits 
  • Acquirement of a smooth cash flow 
  • Hassle- free financing solution 
  • Guaranteed income from the tenants 
  • Attainment of high returns with maximized monthly income 
  • Clients have the benefits of choosing investments from one of the largest and latest inventory of TripleNet Lease Properties 
  • Option to experience alternative passive Real Estate Investment opportunities 
  • Offer different types of net leases, namely: single, double, triple and bondable which tenants pay rent as well as other expenses related to the property (E.G., insurance, repairs, real estate taxes, maintenance, utilities, ECT.) 
  • Tax-Deferred services that allow investors to reschedule the acknowledgment of Capital Gains Tax 


Why should you consider our services?


ØSpecialized firm that exclusively offers Triple Net and 1031 Exchange services

ØHave extreme and unbeatable knowledge, as well as experience of market scenario

ØStaff of highly qualified professionals who closely work along clients in order to achieve desired, Triple Net Property Investment goal

ØRelay of Corporate Tenant Credit Rating and most comprehensive retail news

ØWide database of buyers, sellers, investors, developer and brokers of different regions

ØProvide safe and secure platform to investors and owners for maximized Triple Net (NNN) Investments



For additional information regarding Tax-Deferred Exchanges and Triple Net Properties, please contact Triple Net Investment Group today.



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