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  • At Triple Net Investment Group, Net Lease Investment Firm. We specialize in the sale of Net Lease Investments and 1031 Exchange Properties nationwide. We focus on providing high quality 1031 exchange replacement properties nationally.
  • NNN 1031 Exchange Investment Properties: Tax Deferred 1031 Exchange allows an owner of real property, the Exchanger, to defer the recognition of a capital gains tax normally recognized on the sale of real property,
  • Simultaneous 1031 exchange, Whenever, the sale of an old investment property is combined with the purchasing of a brand new property, which ends in one extended closing, such a transaction is often referred to as a simultaneous 1031 exchange. Just before the 1980s, about all 1031 exchanges were simultaneous.
  • Delayed 1031 exchange process The Delayed exchange allows the involved businesses or individuals to relinquish the initial property and buy the replacement property on different dates. Hence, the exchange needs not to take place on the same date, unlike the simultaneous 1031 exchange. It is also often referred to as “Starker Exchange”, “Deferred Exchange”, or “Like Kind Exchange”. The maximum permissible 1031 exchange timeline set by the Code and Regulations to complete the property transfer formalities is 180 days. However, it is important to identify the replacement property 45 days of the transfer of the relinquished property.
  • Improvement 1031 Exchange, In order to enable the investors to save or defer taxes incurred on the sale of property, the United States Internal Revenue Code provides a spate of options under Section 1031. Improvement exchange is one such important method for the same. Abiding by the 1031 improvement exchange definition, it allows the exchanging person utilize the exchange proceeds to build or make improvements to the replacement property. Also known as improvement starker exchange, it can take place in the context of a reverse or a delayed exchange and helps the taxpayer to buy a replacement property, which needs improvement, or to purchase a bare land and build part of it or whole, as per the requirement.
  • Personal Property 1031 Exchange, Generally stated, a 1031 exchange (also known as a like-kind exchange or a personal property starker exchange) is a swap of a business or investment asset for another. Although most swaps are taxable like sales; if you come within 1031, you will either do not have any tax or limited tax due at the time of the exchange.
  • Reverse 1031 Exchange, One of the most feasible methods for taxpayers to defer their tax payment on property sale is to keep reinvesting the proceeds in like-kind or similar property. Notably, delayed 1031 exchange is a widely chosen method in this regard owing to the 180-day relaxation it offers between the sale of relinquished and the buying of replacement property. Besides it, the reverse exchange of property is also a preferred method due to better flexibility it ensures in the structuring of 1031 property exchange. However, compared to other ways, the 1031 reverse exchange rules are a bit more complex and require a higher volume of paperwork and documentation formalities. Let’s know some more about it.
  • Triple Net Properties, (Net-Net-Net or NNN) is a lease agreement on a property where the tenant or lessee agrees to pay all real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance on the property. In such a lease, the tenant or lessee is responsible for all costs associated with the repair and maintenance of any common area. This form of lease is most frequently used for commercial freestanding buildings. However, it has also been used in single family residential rental real estate properties.[3]
  • The credit rating of a corporation is a financial indicator to potential investors of debt securities such as bonds. Know more about credit rating
  • All real estate decisions must have three feasibility tests to ensure the positive outcome. Market Feasibility: Does the forecasted supply and demand relationship for the property in the selected location indicate success? Location and Site Feasibility: Will the location and site support the project adequately? Financial Feasibility: Does the projected financial picture indicate sufficient profit with the risk? Market analysis is the process or determining whether the market will support a particular use at a particular site so that is profitable.
  • Why Brokers like working with NNN DEALS? We coop 50% of what we make at closing with other brokers. If you are working with a client, you can refer your client to us and when we close the transaction, we will mail you 50% of our total closing statement commission to your broker. Just provide us with your broker's W9 form. Most of the time brokers with little commercial experience and NNN property connections loose the opportunity to find good properties for their clients and eventually loose the clients faith and even the client. By referring your clients to us, you will increase your chances of actually closing on a deal and getting paid. Market analysis is the process or determining whether the market will support a particular use at a particular site so that is profitable.
  • Single Tenant Commercial Real Estate developers love working with NNN DEALS for few reasons: No Listing Agreement Needed, Just allow us to market your property to our internal investors, fund managers and investment broker associates; If we sell your property, just pay us 2% commission at closing. If your property is listed with another company we can still offer your property to our clients with permission of the listing company. If you sell the property yourself, you will not owe us any commission. We can do this because throughout years of single tenant net lease brokerage, we have been able to create a competitive database of local and national contacts. Our database includes individual investors, fund managers and brokers specializing in retail NNN properties. If you own or building any of the below properties please get in touch with us. We can save you money and time. Market analysis is the process or determining whether the market will support a particular use at a particular site so that is profitable.
  • Latest retail news and information
  • F.A.Q About Zero Cash Flow Properties, Ground Leased Investment Grade Properties, NNN 1031 Exchange Investment Properties and so on. Zero Cash Follow Deal is good for investors who wish to either complete an IRC 1031/1033 or the investors who wish to achieve a more effective “tax profile” to offset current passive income liabilities.Tax Deferred 1031 Exchange allows an owner of real property, the Exchanger, to defer the recognition of a capital gains tax normally recognized on the sale of real property. Market analysis is the process or determining whether the market will support a particular use at a particular site so that is profitable.
  • 1031 Exchange is a method for selling a property and then buying another property within a fixed time- frame. The United States Internet Revenue code states that 1031 exchange of properties carried out for investment, business, or any other productive use accompanies no gain or loss, since the economic gain that could produce funds to pay any tax has not been achieved. This entire transaction is considered as an exchange or swap of one property for another.
  • What is a Simultaneous 1031 exchange? Under IRC code section 1031 (IRS) of the United States, an exchange in which the closing of both the relinquished and replacement properties take place simultaneously, i.e., on the same date and using the same title or office, is called as Simultaneous exchange. It is the oldest method to do an IRS 1031 tax deferred exchange and is covered by the Safe Harbor Regulations. .
  • Q1: What is a Delayed Exchange? Ans: A tax-deferred exchange, better known as Delayed 1031 exchange requires the taxpayer to dispose off the investment property and acquire the replacement property. It allows the traders the freedom to perform the property related transactions on different dates.
  • What is improvement 1031 exchange? It is a tax-deferring exchange under Section 1031 of the US Internal Revenue Code that allows the taxpayer to use proceeds from the exchange to improve an existing replacement property or to build a new replacement property.
  • What is a personal property 1031 exchange? It is an exchange under Internal Revenue Code Section 1031of the United States that permits the investors to exchange an existing personal property (relinquished property), for some other more profitable or productive like-kind personal property (replacement property). .
  • What is a reverse 1031 exchange? Under IRC code section 1031 (IRS) of the United States, a Reverse Exchange of properties is a kind of property exchange that may defer the capital taxes and gains due upon the sale of a personal property by purchasing the replacement property before the relinquished property is sold.
  • Commercial real estae testimonials. Testimonials information includes testimonial documents and testimonial statements and expereinces from past clients who have worked with wdccre brokers.

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